Google Maps Street View Ireland is now even better with the addition of the newest application for your free Google+ Local business page.....
It’s the new Google Maps Business View, now here in Ireland!

Imagine customers trying to decide which restaurant is best for a special night, which bar in which to meet up with friends or which hotel has the best facilities. With Google Maps Business View, customers can explore your business from the comfort of their own PC, tablet or mobile device, allowing them to make an informed decision when selecting you over the competition.

Google Maps Business View is a new project from Google that effectively brings Google Street View right inside your business. This is an amazing new marketing opportunity that you should not miss!  Your prospective customers can seamlessly access a 360° virtual tour and a set of 'point of interest' photographs of your business straight from a Google search. They'll be able to 'walk' around, explore and interact with your business as if they were actually there.  The virtual tour is easily embedded on your website and social media pages.

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Check out this promotional video from Google demonstrating our service

Below are two examples of real businesses in Dublin;  The Club Bar and Restaurant in Dalkey and Conns Cameras in Clarendon St.  The interior views are live on Google Maps and show the interactivity that you will enjoy from Google Maps Business View.  There are more examples on our portfolio page - here.


Click to move forward through the premises.  Click and drag your mouse to look around and use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out.  The little white square at the top right lets you go full screen.



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